VIDEO: Mini Cover of “Stay Gold” by Stevie Wonder from The Outsiders Soundtrack

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“Stay Gold” by Stevie Wonder from the soundtrack of the 1983 movie “The Outsiders”. Music written by Carmine Coppola, lyrics by Stevie Wonder.

Stay gold, Ponyboy!

Song information from IMDb

"The Outsiders" Movie:

Interesting Variety article from the 35th anniversary of “The Outsiders”.  Includes how Francis Ford Coppola learned about “The Outsiders” because a K-8 school librarian sent him the S.E. Hinton novel.

The young cast of “The Outsiders” features tons of future star power.  For example, this 2019 Parade article looks back at the accomplishments of the  Outsiders cast since 1983.

"Stay Gold" Song:

There’s surprisingly little about this song on the internet.  The music was composed by Carmine Coppola, father of director Francis Ford Coppola.  The lyrics by Stevie Wonder include references from a Robert Frost poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay“.  In the movie, Ponyboy Curtis (C. Thomas Howell) recited that poem to Johnny Cade (Ralph Macchio) while they hid in a church.

If anyone has information about how Stevie Wonder wrote the lyrics to the song, please let us know!

Full, annotated “Stay Gold” lyrics, as written by Stevie Wonder

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